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Functions of products from tyre pyrolysis processing

1.What could you get from waste tyres?
After waste tyre pyrolysis processing,you could get 45%-52%tire oil, 30%carbon black and 15%steel wire.
The other around 5% is uncondensable gas, which will be recycled to be burnt directly for heating reactor.Tyre pyrolysis will be energy saving and environmental friendly.
2.What could you do with the final products?
Tyre oil
it is of high heating value,about 44.32MJ/KG, which is widely used in lots of factories .
1.For heating usage: Glass factory, Cement factory, steel factory, Aluminum factory, iron factory, Ceramics factory, painting factory etc.
It could also be used for heating boilers. You only need to add a heavy oil burner.
2. For power plant-Lots of customers using bunker oil to produce electricity, the quality of tyre oil and plastic oil are better than bunker oil.
You could try it with heavy oil generators to produce electricity.
3. Sell it to refinery center.

Carbon black
There are 3 markets for carbon black
1. Our India and Pakistan customers usually sell it to cement factories directly.
2. You could make it into carbon black pallet then used to heat your reactor. Or sell to cement factories.
3. Our Egypt customers further tyre pyrolysis processing it into fine carbon black powder by milling machine. This fine carbon black powder has a very good local maket.

Steel wire:
Steel wire could be sold directly to steel factories.

Oil function

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