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Biodiesel and air pollution

Research with biodiesel show reductions in several contributors to air pollution. Following table is a summary of engine tests completed at the University of Idaho.

Biodiesel and air pollution

Emission100% Ester Fuel (B100)20/80 Mix(B20)
Carbon Monoxide-47.6%-26.1%
Nitrous Oxides-10.0%-3.7%
Carbon Dioxide+0.9%+0.7%
These tests were performed with a 100% and a 20% mix of ethyl and methyl ester of rapeseed oil. A U.S. Deptartment of Energy publication indicates reductions in most emission components except for an increase in nitrous oxide. Biodiesel use could provide reductions in several air pollutants. This could provide significant improvements in cities where air quality is a concern.

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