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Comprision of dencentral cold pressing to industrial extraction with solvent

Date:2015-03-05 11:13:01 / Cooking oil machine FAQ

Oil press machine and oil solvent extraction machine

Comparision  of decentralised cold pressing to industrial extraction with solvent
decentralised cold pressingindustrial extraction with solvents
medium scale, co-operative or    private enterprisescorporations that are mainly connected to multinational    concerns
Located near to agricultural    productionLocated near to central traffic points
Directly or indirectly    connected to the agricultural production(no middleman)Normally separated from the agricultural production(with    middleman)
Production of cold pressed    plant oil and press cakeProduction of refined and half refined plant oil, extraction    press cake
Higher feed value of the press    cake (12-17% oil content)Oil content of extraction press cake <1%
Low investment costsHigh investment costs
Lowenergy consumption (80kWh/t    seed)(on average 6 times lower than for industrial extraction)High energy consumption(470kWh/t seed
No use of chemical solvents or    thermal conditioning of the seedSolvent extraction and thermal pre-conditioning
No waste waterWaste water from the refining(approx. 50l/l oil
Low logistical expenses and    security requirementsHigh logistical expense and security requirements
Short local transportation    distance (typically 50km), stimulation of local sconomyLong, sometimes international transportation to and from    central plants, high investment costs to ensure environmental protection
High    flexibility (faster process adjustments to other kinds of oil seeds)
Addiyional    creation of value in rural areas

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