New stove uses plant oil as fuel

Date:2015-03-02 17:48:56 / News

A complete package of technology and equipment was developed, evaluated, and pilot tested for sustainable small-scale production of filtered coconut oil to support the promotion of the plant oil stove - an environment friendly stove that uses all types of plant oil as fuel. The sustainability of the technology is ensured by the establishment of a plant oil production area and oil analysis laboratory.

Plant oil

The plant oil production area is equipped with a high capacity weighting scale, one harmer mill, three oil expellers, one settling tank, one filtering tank, and two storage tanks that can process about 400-500kg of copra daily. Expect for the weighting scale and oil expellers, all the equipment were designed and fabricated by the project. Technology for the small-scale production of coconut virgin oil, naturally fermented vinegar from coconut water, and laundry soap from filtered coconut oil were also developed to increase the income protential of coconut farmers. As a showcase of the technology, a village level oil processing center was established in Philippines, in cooperation with the local goverment. The processing center is provided with processing building, smoke-free copra dryer, and all the needed oil production equipment.

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