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Rice bran oil extraction machinery

Date:2015-02-26 17:45:02 / Solvent Extraction Plant /Give me the price

Rice bran oil is a high nutritional value of edible oil, rich in linoleic acid, regular consumption can reduce the body's cholesterol levels, have contributed to the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Rice bran is the husk rice processing in addition to another major by-product, accounting for about 6% processing raw grain, rice bran and soybean fat content considerably.

Rice bran oil extraction machinery

Our resources is extremely rich rice bran, rice bran oil is therefore to carry out promising. Now rice bran oil extraction machine technology are described below. Rice bran oil from rice bran extract, the extract can be squeezing mechanical and organic solvent extraction method. Currently rural general use press method.

Rice bran oil extraction machinery and wood divided into machine-pressed virgin (ie virgin soil) two kinds of equipment used according to the press. Rice bran oil extraction machinery to squeeze oil fast, large output, save labor; wooden squeeze oil slow, low yields, occupy much labor, and the equipment is easy to operate. Preparation of rice bran oil using a screw press mechanism to take rice bran oil extraction machine-pressed method, the process is as follows: rice bran, screened, mixed with rice husk, add water, steamed green, fried green, press, hair bran oil.

Rice bran oil extraction machinery plays more and more important role in the cooking oil production market. At this time, investing in rice bran oil extraction machine is a good choice to make more money.

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