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Pyrolysis plant condenser

Date:2013-06-20 10:18:25 / Pyrolysis Plant

Vertical condenser for 4th generation pyrolysis plant

There are many factors which can influence the oil yield of pyrolysis plant .The most decisive factor is the design of cooling device.Whether the design is reasonable or not has a direct relationship with the oil output.We supply 3 to 5 condensers  according  to machine capacity. There are 57 smaller pipes with the diameter 48mm each inside the condenser,which means the cooling area of each condenser is 13m . Take capacity 10ton plant for example, there are 5 condensers for 10ton plant, so the total cooling area can reach 65m . Therefore, the oil yield can be guaranteed.

Horizontal condenser for 5th generation pyrolysis plant

There are two horizontal condensers for our 5th generation pyrolysis plant. Its inner structure is similar with that of vertical conderser. However, the cooling  area of one horizontal condenser can be equal to more  t han three  vertical condensers.And also, the cooling way is longer than vertical condenser.In this way,a better oil output can be guaranteed.

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