Cooking oil machine FAQ

Several questions before starting oil processing

When you start cooking oil business,you may hava some questions like :

1. Why do I want to start oil processing ?
2. Will it be a hobby or a new wconomic enterprise?
3. How big will the operation be?
4. How many different products will be made, including both oil and the press cake left after the oil is pressed out of the raw seeds or nut?
5. Do I want to target mass market or specialty market?

6. What geographical area do I want to cover?

How to start cooking oil processing business

The first question is important because it affects the answer to all the other questions. It even affects how do you visit our website. If you crush oil fuel production, you need to pay special attention to several specific processing steps.
For culinary oils, there are several more processing steps and technologies to consider and possibly add to your plan. You may forego some of the more complex, costly steps for exclusively personal-use cooking oil or biofuel.

If you want to start the business of oil processing ,please feel free to contact us.

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