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What is principle for oil solvent ?

Date:2015-02-06 15:02:38 / Cooking oil machine FAQ

Oil solvent is one of the most important effect factors of oil extraction plant. Excellent solvent can derive better quality oil in oil extraction plant and wouldn't pollute oil and oil extraction machines. In one word, approprimate solvent is very important to oil extraction plant.
Then, what is excellent oil solvent? and what is the principle of solvent ? As manufacturer of oil extraction plant, here we will introduce principle for solvent in details.

Oil solvent extraction plant

Principle for oil solvent extraction plant 1.

Non-toxic. Solvent extracts oil from oil seeds in oil extraction plant, which would directly touch oil. Thus, solvent used in oil extraction plant must be non-toxic.
Principle for oil solvent extraction plant2.

Good chemical stability. Solvent couldn't react with oil in oil extraction plant. Therefore, solvent in oil extraction plant must be rather stable in chemical properties.
Principle for oil solvent extraction plant3.

Few causticity. Solvent causticity would also affect oil quality in oil extraction plant. Thus we must choose solvent with few causticity.

Excellent solvent would creat better oil extraction efficiency and wouldn't bring problems for oil quality. Above items must be seriously paid attention on when selecting solvent for oil extraction plant.

As manufacturer of oil extraction plant, above is our summary about principle for solvent in oil extraction plant. If you want to know more about oil extraction plant, please feel free to contact us.

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