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What should be noticed during screening ?

Date:2015-02-05 17:58:54 / Cooking oil machine FAQ

Excellect screening is advantageous to oil extraction plant.
Screening process is very important to oil extraction plant. Excellent screening process remove large-size impurities or pollutions, which would prevent blocking caused by large-sized impurities and promotes oil extraction normal operation.

Then what should be noticed during screening ? As manufacturer od oil extraction plant, here we will introduce items which should be seriously paid attention to during screening in details.

What should be noticed during screening ?

1. Approprimate seive pore. Different seive pores can filter or process different oil seeds. Approprimate seive pore should be choosen for different oil sees to impove oil extraction efficiency.

What should be noticed during screening ?

2. Oblong seive pore. Oblong seive pore has larger efficient screening surface, which can enhance screening efficiency. Thus we usually choose oblong seive pore for our customers.

What should be noticed during screening ?

3. Cleaning, Timely cleaning svreening seive is also important to screening process, which can prevent impurities stadyed on screening seive or affect next screening.
Excellent screening process promote oil extraction efficiency. Therefore, we should not only choose excellent screening seive, but also clean screening seive timwly.

Screening machine

As manufacturer of oil extraction plant, this is our suggestion to our customwes on screening process. If you want to know more about oil extraction plant, please feel free to contact us.

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