Why oil seeds need moisture adjustment ?

Oil seeds need moisture adjustment in oil extraction plant to promote oil quality in oil extraction plant. Moisture of oil would affect oil physical properties heavily. Thus oil seeds moisture agjustment is necessary in oil extraction plant.
Then, what is the requirements and characteristics of oil seeds moisture adjustment ?  As manufacturer of oil extraction plant, here we will introduce oil seeds moisture adjustment in details.
1. In different oil seeds processing, moisture required for each process also varies. Thus we should adjust oil seeds moisture according to mositure requirements for each process.
2. In oil extraction plant, moisture adjustment shouldn't affect physical or chemical properties of oil seeds, which might decrease oil quality.
3. Different species of oil seeds are differet in moisture adjustment, so does the technology needed.
Above are items whcih should be seriously paid attention to in oil seeds moisture adjustment. As manufacturer of oil extraction plant, we suggest our customers to abide by items above in oil seeds moisture adjustment to derive better quality oil.

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