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Application of antioxidant in oil extraction plant

Except procedures for impurities, certain additive is also added into oil, which would impove oil quality a lot. Among additive added in oil, antioxidants is an important part of it, whose function is to prevent oil oxidation and going bad.
Therefore, antioxidants added in oil would benefit oil stroage. As manufacturer of
oil extraction plant, here we will introduce application of antioxidants in oil extraction plant in details.
During storage, oxygen slowly react with oil, which is also called auto-oxidation. Auto-oxidation is catalyzed when oil is affected by lihght, heat, or variable metals. However, when anti-oxidants is added in oil extraction plant, auto-oxidation is controlled then. Meanwhile, anti-oxidant content couldn't be too high, overmuch anti-oxidants would affect oil quality.
In one word, anti-oxidants must be added into oil with approprimate method and approprimate amount to impove oil quality in oil extraction plant.

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As manufacturer of oil extraction plant, above is our suggestion about anti-oxidants in oil extraction plant. If you are interested in oil extraction plant, please feel free to contact us.

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