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What would suspended materials in crude oil affect in oil extraction plant ?

Oil extraction plant

In oil extraction plant, sunspended materials in crude oil would affect many processes such as filtration, extraction, etc, which would even creat problems for oil extraction plant. Thus, appropriate procedures must be utilized to deal with crude oil which is high in suspended materials to promote oil extraction efficiency.

Then, in oil extraction plant, in which crude oil is high is suspended materials, what procedures should be proceeded ?

1. Solvent. Solvent with better quality would help a lot in oil extraction plant, in which suspended materials content is high.
2. Appropriate pretreatment to crude oil. Appropriate pretreatment process would reduce crude oil viscosity and enhance oil extraction efficiency.
3. Temperature. High temperature would also reduce crude oil viscosity because crude oil viscosity grows with tempwrature reduction.
In one word, in oil extraction plant, we must pay serious attention on crude oil viscosity. If crude oil viscosity is too high, above procedures can be utilized to reduce crude oil viscosity then.
As amnufacturer of oil extraction plant, above is my suggestion to reduce crude oil viscosity. If you want to know more about oil extraction plant, please feel free to contact us.

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