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Introduction of traditional oil refinery process

Traditional oil refinery process utilizes alkali to refine oil, in another word, alkaili is added into crude oil to neutralize FFA(free fatty acid) in crude oil, which would produce saponin, and water washing is utilized to finish oil refinery after saponin separated.
Alkali refinery doesn't only creat more consumption, but also creat plenty of waste water, which need extra wastewater treatment to meet national standard to discharge.
However, physical refinery is benefitful to inferior crude oil and crude cottonseed oil refinery. In traditional refinery process, special physiacal refinery process is added, in which steam is forced into crude oil through micropore on the coilers. This process doesn't only achieve deodorization, but also strips out FFA(free fatty acid) by steam.

Oil refinery plant

Physical refinery process is much more environmental and low in consumption. Without extra chemical process, physical refinery process doesn't produce waste water, in another word, manufacturer doesn't need to invest more to solve environmental problems caused by refinery.

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