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Tire Pyrolysis Oil

In the USA, about303.2 million of waste tires werediscarded in year 2007, while about 60 million of waste tires  in Thailand year 2011. Not to mention a out the cumulative waste tire in landfill, the problem of tire disposal will  be increasing graduallydue to the expanding of vehicle market. The tirepyrolysis process convertswaste tires into potentially recyclable materials such as flammable gas,pyrolysis oil and carbon black. Although the amount of waste tire is less thanthe waste plastic, the option of the waste tire conversion is limited. Tirepyrolysis oil plant has been established around the world in order toproduce the substitute liquid fuel for heatingpurpose as found that the tire pyrolysis oil have a high gross calorific value(GCV) of around 41-44 MJ/kg. waste tire is needed to be shredded beforeprocess.

The desulphurization is required in the pyrolysis system to eliminatethe sulfur. It was determined thathe oil production yield oftire pyrolysisprocess has a maximum at 350°C and decomposes rapidly above 400°C.The plastic pyrolysis oil used in this research is processed at 300 -500°C at atmospheric pressure for 3 hours. The tire pyrolysis oil used in this research is processedfrom a commercial waste tire pyrolysis plant in  Thailand.The product output consists of 35%pyrolysis oil, 56% residue and the rest is pyrolysis gas on weight basis. The amountof the residue is tire wire scrap and carbon black.

Tyre pyrolysis oil

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