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What are the benefits of extrusion process ?

In general, extrusion process is needed before solvent extraction. Physicochemical characteristics of oil seeds were changed during extrusion process. So, what are the benefits of extrusion process ? As manufacturer of oil extraction machines, here we will answer this question in details.

Oil extrusion machine

1. Reduce solvent consumption in oil extraction plant.
2. Impove crude oil quality by solvent extraction plant.
3. Reduce phospholipid residue in oil after degumming and impove refining yeild.
4. Enhance capacity of desolventizer toaster and reduce enery consumption in desolventzier toaster.
5. Save energy used for oil mixture evaporation and impove quality of oil mixture evaporation.
6. Decrease requirements for crushing and flaking, increase whole line capacity on average.
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