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Sesame oil manufacturing process

Sesame oil press machine

Sesame oil devides to 3 types, cold pressed sesame oil, hot pressed sesame oil, and solvent extracted sesame oil. As manufacturer of sesame oil extraction plant, here we will introduce you sesame oil manufacturing process in details.

Sesame oil

Cold pressed sesame oil manufacturing process
After basic cleaning to remove impurities in sesame seed, simple oil cold press machine is needed to manufacture cold pressed sesame oil.

Sesame oil extraction machine

Hot pressed sesame oil manufacturing process
Same with cold press, cleaning is always needed to remove impurities in sesame seeds. After cleaning, sesame seeds are heated with direct fire to degenerate protein. Oil hot press machine extract oil from cooked sesame seeds at a high temperature. Comparing with cold pressed sesame oil, hot pressed sesame oil has special flavor which cold pressed sesame oil doesnt't have.

Sesame oil extraction machine

Solvent extracted sesame oil manufacturing process
Solvent extraction is set of operation to extract sesame oil with little oil residue.   Sesame oil extraction plant.

Sesame oil extraction machine

We can offer all equipments needed to manufacture sesame oil. If you are interested in sesame oil manufacturing process, please feel free to contact us.


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