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Can solvent extracted oil added in feed ?

Oil solvent extraction plant

All familar with feed industry would know that there're many benefits feed added with oil. However, which kind of oil to add in feed becomes a question hard to decide. In fact, solvent extracted oil can be added in feed completely wothout risk of contamination.
However, there're still some questions we need to pay attention to when solvent extracted oil added in feed.
1. No degenerative oils. If degenerative solvent extracted oil is added in feed, it would affect feed quality badly.
2. Oil rate. We must agjust oil rate according to other ingredients of feed to balance nutrition, espicially rate of oil and protein.
3. Feed storage. Feed with solvent extracted oil couldn't be stored for long. Over stroage of feed would cause rancidity eaisily.
Above is my answer to can solvent extracted oil added in feed. With options I mentioned above payed attention to, there shouldn't be any other problems to add solvent extracted oil in feed.

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