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Why would peanut oil flocculate in winter ?

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Along with 2015 new year, customers found that peanut oil flocculate because of successive chill. However, why would peanut oil flocculate ?

Peanut oil flloculation process

Physical phenomenon of peanut oil flocculation
Peanut oil would flocculate at temperature less than 12℃, which creats flocculent crystal and shows half set. Peanut oil flocculated turns lighter and shows light yellow or milk white. Peanut oil would flocculate totally at 3-5℃. This is a normal physical phenomenon, and doesn't affect dietary value.
Why would peanut oil flocculate at temperature above 12℃?
Although indoor temperature is about 20℃, peanut oil doesn't reach 20 ℃ by itself. In another word, daily temperature changing couldn't promote the temperature of peanut oil reaches 20℃. Thus, peanut oil flocculation is normal phenomenon.

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