Vegetable oil plant energy saving

Date:2015-01-16 17:50:33 / News

Vegetable oil plants are one of the most important energy consumer industries and vegetable oil plants don't have a suitable energy saving nowadays. In order to estimate the amount of greenhouse gasses smission of vegetable oil plants, calculations have been done by our professional engineers with smission-factors-based method.

Solvent extraction plant, most energy-saving plant

Total emission of CO2 from vegetable oil refinery plants and vegetable oil extraction plant recent years is respectively estimated to be about 2195.3 Gg and 488.1 Gg. It is necessary to mention that CO2 emission trend in the studied period is not the same, which shows that energy saving management is not the same in different years. Therfore it is essential to provide the energy management program for vegetable oil plants.

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