KLM import used cooking oil from Shanghai

Recently, KLM imports 2,000tonnes used cooking oil(gutter oil) from Shanghai, planning to process biodiesel from used cooking oil(gutter oil), as aircraft fuel.
Used cooking oil (gutter oil) will bring food safety problems, as everyone knows. Though used cooking oil(gutter oil) can be processed to biodiesel, which is renewable and benefical to energy source, why isn't it very popular ?

1. Leak of management: Leagl purchasing price doesn't dominate, which leads used cooking oil(gutter oil) to sewer. In the past, deficient supervision creats illegal benefitial processing line including purchasement of used cooking oil (gutter oil), extraction and purification of used cooking oil (gutter oil), and marketing.
2. Immature technology: Until now, existing technology only process No. 0 Biodiesel, which couldn't be used in aircraft fuel. Immature technology brings high conversion cost and low benefit, which influences markey competetiveness of biodiesel.

Cooking oil screw press machine

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