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Punjabokays setting up of new pyrolysis plants in notified areas

Date:2015-01-09 15:59:29 / News

Providinga relief to pyrolytic industry, the Punjab government - on the directions of Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal - has allowed setting up of pyrolysis plants in the notified focal points, industrial areas and designated

industrialland use areas in the state.Disclosingthis here on Monday, a spokesman said deputy chief minister had intervened inthe matter to save the existing 50 pyrolytic industrial units, besides framinga new policy for setting up of new units.

Pyrolysis plant

Afterconsidering various environmental and legal issues and suggestions receivedfrom the public, its final policy got the approval from the Punjab PollutionControl Board (PPCB).

Accordingly,the state government has issued fresh guidelines for setting up of wastetyre-based pyrolysis plants which extract fuel oil to adopt pollutionprevention measures.

Sortingout its long-pending issues, the Science, Technology and Environment Departmentin its new guidelines has allowed setting up of pyrolytic units in notified orapproved focal points, industrial areas and designated industrial land useareas besides approving the clearance to existing units which have appliedbefore March 31, 2013 and are fulfilling new guidelines.

Totackle environmental and safety issues, clear instructions regarding code ofpractice and pollution abatement measures have been issued for all pyrolyticunits.

Besides,the state government imposed a complete ban on procurement or import of rawmaterial from foreign off-shores or even from other states within the country.All units including existing ones would be allowed to process the waste tyresor waste rubber products generated from within Punjab only.

The pyrolytic industry would not be allowed to discharge waste water generated fromoil-water separators anywhere.The new units would have to develop a green belt of minimum of four metres width along the boundary of the plant.

Recently,a number of units which used pyrolysis process for extraction of fuel oil fromthe waste rubber tyres were being set up in the state.Deputy Chief Minister has received complaints from public regarding pollution causedby pyrolytic units and a few accidents have also occurred in such plants due tounsafe and inappropriate operations of pyrolysis reactors.

Thus,Badal headed a number of meetings to get the logical solution to this problemso that neither pyrolytic industry nor the public should pay for it.

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