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The way to refine waste oil to diesel

Date:2015-01-06 15:48:19 / News

Due to the widely origins of the waste oil, impurities contained are not the same.General, there is mainly soil moisture . Waste oil processing methods and processing capability have a strong relationship . Whether the process capacity large or small. The best way to refining used oil to diesel is vertical distillation machine. So that regardless of whether there are impurities in the waste oil  will be easily drained . Vertical distillation machine with features of easy to operate and easy to maintain.So,what is the best way to refine waste oil to diesel?

Distillation machine

Catalytic distillation tower is located on top of the kettle . Pump used oil into the stills, making the case of heating oil . Then the oil gas went into the top of the tower kettle . Column contains catalyst. When oil and gas through the catalyst , macromolecules oil molecules will be cracked to smaller . After cracking the oil and gas from the tower out into the condensate cooler , Oil gas will convert into liquid Clean diesel . Because in the cooling oil is the choice of a range of skills cooling step approach , so the diesel fraction has no gasoline.
In general , waste oil cracking catalyst . Produced diesel can be properly used into tractors, trucks and other farm vehicles etc.

Diesel oil application

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