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What is the structure of extractor ?

Oil solvent extraction workshop

Oil extraction utilizes methods according to capacity and technical difficulty. Extractor also change with oil seeds and its oil content.
Immersion extractor is always used in small-scale oil processing plant internationally, the main part of which is cylindrical container. The diameter of immersion extractor is 900-1400mm, and its height-diameter rate is 1:(1-1.1). There's a fasle bottom near to its bottom, which is double-deck filter plate(seive diameter is about 8mm). Only oil mixture and solvent can pass though fasle bottom, while solid material like meal, can not.
Extractors with different structure or scale operate simlarly. However, single immersion extractor couldn't successfully operate by itself, which must cooperate with other extractors and equipments such as desolventizing equipments, solvent recovery equipments, etc.
In another word, though the structure of immersion extractor is simple, operation couldn't be careless.

Immersion extractor

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