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What is leaching machine effected in operation?

No machine is perfect in operation, so does leaching equipment. Leaching equipment is always effected by other facotrs, which we can prevent from by manual intervene. So, what is leaching equipment effected in operation ? This article will answer you this question.

Oil leaching machine

In operation, oil machines would be effected by properties of materials and process conditions. As we know, properties is decided by pre-treament or pre-pressing, which is why we must control pre-treament workshop to adjust materials to fit leaching workshop.
And speaking of process conditions in leaching workshop, including temperature, solvent, osmolality of oil mixture, bed depth, solvent rate, leaching time, and so on, all these conditions would effect leaching machines in operation.
In general, longer leaching time, lower oil residue. However, considering leaching efficiency, we must decide best leaching time accordingly.

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