Cooking oil machine FAQ

How to protect oil machines ?

Oil machines, including oil press, leaching equipments, refinery machines,etc, must be carefully protected from any demages and wether effect.

Oil machines- extraction workshop

How to protect oil machines? working machines
When working, oil machines must be protected strictly, and also operated properly, especially in thunderstorm season; because oil machines are always made of steel, which is electric. And this is also the reason why lightning protection is necessary to oil plant.
How to protect oil machines? Wether effect
Thunderstron effect is the biggest danger for oil machines. Oil machines must be real-time monitored to prevent demage from thunder. And if thunderstrom is too heavy, operation must be stooped to prevent from major accident.
According to our experience, we'd better equip a lightning rod at the highest section of the plant, but there's still risk. In one word, we should remind our customers to protect oil machines strictly.

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