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How to convert waste tires to diesel fuel?

First, we need waste tire pyrolysis machine to convert waste tire into pyrolysis fuel oil, this process need about 16-18 hours to get fuel oil, here we take the 10 ton capacity machine as an example: 2 hours for loading 10 tons waste tires, 3 hours for preheating the reactor, 10-12 hours for the tire become gas and cooling become oil, 1 hour for cooling the reactor, 1 hour for discharging the carbon black, 1 hours for removing the tire steel. The waste tire pyrolysis machine covering area: usually 400 square meters, 35meters length, 15meters width.

After the pyrolysis process, you can get heavy oil, then if you want to recycle it into clean diesel, you need another  machine called: waste oil distillation machine. With distillation machine, the tyre pyrolysis oil will become lighter, but the smell is bad, it also contains impurity, with the decoloring and deodorant device, the tire oil will be light yellow color without pungent smell, in this process, the catalyst plays the most important role.

For all above three processing, the waste tires will be fully recycling to diesel which can be used in vehicles directly. You can use it in your own cars or sell it to the gas station with high market value.

From waste tire to get clean diesel

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