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waste motor oil recycling - new leading industry

Waste motor oil includes 2 parts; motor oil with impurities such as water, dust, other oil sneaked during use, mental powder by mechanical wear, etc; motor oil with impurities such as organic acid, colloid, asphalt-shape matter, etc. Waste motor oil recycling is to remove the impurities I mentioned above by sedimentation, distillation, pickling, alkali cleaning, filtration, etc.

To countries poor in petroleum, high petrol price, resource shortage and environmentale protect get in contradiction with growing fuel demand. Thus, waste motor oil recycling becomes necessary in recent years.

We can recycle waste motor oil to commerical motor oil or gasoline, which can remit resource shortage, promote environment protection, and creat objective economic benefit. Waste motor oil recycling is a potential industry and has wide market. Meanwhile, because of simple technology and mature process, waste motor oil recycling is suitable for industrial, collective, and personal operating. Therefore, waste motor oil recycling will be the most potential new industry in the furture.

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