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Where to produce biodiesel? biodiesel reactor

Where to produce biodiesel? Biodiesel reactor

In biodiesel production, the most important part is biodiesel reactor, in which esterification and transesterification would occur.

When raw material used in biodiesel production is high in AV(acid value), esterification is needed to esterfy the FFA(free fatty acid) with methanol to FAME(fatty acid methyl eater). This reaction should be catalyzed by oil of vatriol, which must be reacted in caremic reactor, or oil of vatriol will corrode biodiesel reactor. But caremic biodiesel reactor is much more expensive than usual reactors and also easily demaged or broken, so if the AV(acid value)<10, we suggest to delete this step.

When AV<10, transesterification is the major part of biodiesel production, in which glyceride will be turn to methyl ester by methanol. This reaction is catalyzed by alkali, which can react in usual reactors, carbon steel or stainless steel.

Biodiesel reactor

Biodiesel production

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