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What are the features of prepress workshop?

Date:2014-12-11 18:43:43 / Cooking oil machine FAQ

What are the features of prepress workshop ?

Oil workshop making

1. Warehouse: Electronic automatic gate control automates transportation.

Prepress workshop _ warehouse

2. Raw material measuring system: This consists of surge bunker and measuring scale. Measuring can control more exactly, stablize production flow and uniform the quality of material.

Prepress workshop _ measuring

3. Magnetic: It is used to remove impurities such as waste iron nail or scrap iron,which can  protect following equipments, especially flaking roll. Iron nail can easily demage the rollers of flaking roll and barrel of oil press, which would reduce their service life.

4. Flakes drying system: In general, after flaking, the moisture of flakes is 12-15%. And flakes drying system can help reduce the moisture to 9%, which guarantees flakes to meet prepress requirements while going to oil press and also helps to reduce resid in cake.

5. Horizontal cooker: In horizontal cooker, material is heated evenly, without dead angle or  over cooking. Meanwhile, it costs less steam or power, reduces operating cost.

6. Cakes cooling system: The temperature of prepress cakes just coming out from barrel reaches 80℃, while evaporating point of solvent is 64℃. Without cakes cooling system, it volatilize solvent easily. Thus cakes cooling system can reduce the consumption of solvent effectively.

7. Crude oil cooling system: Temperature of prepressed crude oil is high, and oil would easily go bad without crude oil cooling system whose function is to ensure the quality of crude oil.

8. Electric hoist: Electric hoist has a complete system and is easy to matintain.

9. Auto-control system: This system is mainly to control the key points such as measuring scale, power equipment, conveying equipments, etc. All controlled parts can be monitored on computer, which makes the whole system more automatic and precise, intelligentizes halt and start, and guarantee the whole workshop running normally.

Prepress workshop

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