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How does waste tyre pyrolysis?

Waste tyre pyrolysis:
a.The pyrolysis method for recycling used tyres is a technique which heats whole or shredded tyres in a reactor vessel containing an oxygen free atmosphere and a heat source.
b.In the reactor the rubber is softened after which the rubber polymers continuously breakdown into smaller molecules.
c.These smaller molecules eventually vaporize and exit from the reactor.
d.These vapors can be burned directly to produce power or condensed into an oily type liquid, generally used as a fuel.
e.Some molecules are too small to condense. They remain as a gas which can be burned as fuel.
f.The minerals that were part of the tyre, about 40 to 45 % by weight, are removed as a solid.
g.When performed well a tyre pyrolysis process is a very clean operation and has nearly no emissions or waste.
h.The properties of the gas, liquid and solid output are determined by the type of feed stock used and the process conditions.
i.For instance whole tyres contain fibers and steel. Shredded tyres have most of the steel and sometimes most of the fiber removed.
j.Batch wise Process is done by tyre pyrolysis.
k.The steel can be removed from the solid stream with magnets for recycling. The remaining solid material often referred to as "charcoal".

Waste tyre pyrolysis to oil

Variety of polymer waste material is suitable as a raw material. Given below is the list of suitable raw materials for pyrolysis:

1.Waste tyres

2.Rubber or rubber parts from vehicles

3.Electronic scrap

4.Mixed waste from waste paper mill

5.Mixed (HDPE, LDPE, PE, PP, Nylon, Teflon, PS,ABS,FRP etc)

6.Multi layered

7.The choice of feedstock and process can impact the value of the finished products

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