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What is plastic oil yield?

Date:2014-12-04 17:20:45 / Pyrolysis machine FAQ

Plastic has a different type,so,different plastic type has a different oil yield.Here is the common plastic as below:

Turn plastic to fuel oil and carbon black

Classification and plastic oil yield :

1. GE Plastics :( Note PET polyesters can not refining )
2. PVC : PVC ( such as film , cable , flooring, pipe plates, tubes , shoe soles, toys, doors and windows, wire jacket , stationery, etc. ) is not easy Refinery
3. Polyethylene : PE ( such as films , bottles , electrical insulating materials , handbags, pipes, drums , bottles / calcium bottles, daily necessities , etc. ) of pure oil yield of about 95%
4. PP : PP ( such as film, plastic rope, eating utensils , pots, barrels, furniture , bags , caps, car bumpers , etc. ) of pure oil yield of about 90%
5. PS : PS ( such as electrical appliances , stationery , cups , food containers, appliance housings , electrical accessories , foam products, toys, etc. ) of pure oil yield of about 6. 90% ABS plastic : about 40%
7. Pure white plastic sheeting : about 70%
8. Instant noodles bags: about 40%
9. Plastic Brand: about 20%
10. Paper mill waste :( high water content of about 15-20 % , about 60% of dry material )
11. Direct fish : about 12-15 %
12. After rinsing : about 33-40 %
13. Sink material : about 50%
14. Garbage around 30-50 % , about 20% miscellaneous materials
15. Pure leather plastic cable about 80%
16. Clean plastic bag more than 50%

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