Doing used tire recycling machine DY-1-10

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Doing used tire recycling machine DY-1-10

Doing used tire recycling machine DY-1-10

Doing used tire recycling machine DY-1-10

Henan  DOING  Mechanical equipment CO.,Ltd specialized in the production of used tire recycling machine. we have rich experience and good technology in this filed. The equipments we produced have covered national market and exported to the international market. For example, Our equipments have been exported Romania, Turkey Poland, Haiti, Mexico, Malaysia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh etc. and we erned a good reputation from our customers.

Output information:

The usage of the final product:

The usage of the final product

1.Fuel oil: oil from this plant can be used as industrial fuel for burning
2.Crude carbon black: crude carbon black from this plant is crude, and it can be sold to the brick factory as internal combustion or to the factory needing it as raw materials, such as tyer, shoe, cable and sealant companies.
3.Steel wire: it can be sold to the iron and steel company directly.

Advantages of our used tire recycling machine:

1. No need shred tires, with auto feeder, could feeding whole tire directly.
2. Double feeding doors, bigger one for tires, smaller one for plastics.
3. Double catalyst chamber, and also add molecular sieve, it can absorb impurities, in this way avoid congestion and improve oil quality. Besides, two catalyst chambers could reach double effect of catalytic,decrease pressure and remove the dust from the oil gas.
4. Two horizontal condensers instead of 5 vertical condenser, and also the volume of one horizontal condenser can be equaled with 3 vertical condensers. Besides, the length has twice, so cooling effect will be better, in this way oil output can be guaranteed and raised.
5. Another two length cooling pipes, the cooling area can be equaled with one vertical condenser, in this way, the cooling result will be better than our forth generation.
6. Double anti-back fire device and two long cooling pipes. Double anti-back fire device will be more safety,and also make full recycling tail gas. The two long pipes can be equaled with one vertical condenser, it will cooling down the tail gas again, guarantee oil output.
7. The exhaust gas, it is white, no pollution, even if you put a white towel on it, you can not see any black. It can meet the emission standard of International required.
With horizonal condenser and excellent cooling system. Our waste tire pyrolysis plant will meet you requirements very well. Welcome to join us.


Technical parameter of used tire recycling machine
1Equipment typeDY-1-6DY-1-8DY-1-10
2Raw materialWaste tireWaste tireWaste tire
3Structural formHorizontal  rotationHorizontal  rotationHorizontal  rotation
424-hour  Capacity6 ton8 ton10 ton
5Oil yield2.7-3.3ton3.6 -4.4ton4.5 -5.5ton
6Operating  pressureNormalNormalNormal
7Material of  ReactorQ245RQ245RQ245R
8Thickness of  Reactor16mm16mm16mm
9Rotate speed0.4turn/minute0.4turn/minute0.4turn/minute
10Total power19KW19KW19KW
11Mode of coolingWater coolingWater coolingWater cooling
12Cooling  area 100sqm100sqm100sqm
13Kind of  transmissionInternal gear  driveInternal gear  driveInternal gear  drive
14Noise dB(A)≤85≤85≤85
15Size of  Reactor(D×L)2200×60002200×66002600×6600
16Working formIntermittent  operationIntermittent  operationIntermittent  operation
17Delivery time20days20days20days

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