Biodiesel fuel advantages

Biodiesel is the name given to fuel for Diesel engines created by the chemical conversion of animal fats or vegetable oils.  Pure vegetable oil works well as a fuel for Diesel engines itself, as Rudolf Diesel demonstrated in his engine at the 1900 world's fair with peanut oil as the fuel.  However, vegetable oil is inherently viscous and cannot be burned efficiently at ambient temperatures in modern over-the-road vehicles.

Biodiesel fuel has the following advantages :

a>Readily mixes with petroleum diesel fuel in any ratio
b>Restores lubricity of low-sulfur diesel fuel by mixing as little as 1% biodiesel
c>Is made from renewable sources
d>Reduction in viscosity over vegetable oil
e>Can be burned in modern diesel with little or no modification
f> Reduction in emissions of
- Sulfur dioxide by 100%
- Soot emissions by 40-60%
- Carbon monoxide by 10-50%
- Hydrocarbons by 10-50%
- Nitrous oxide by 5-10%, depending on engine tuning and the age of the engine.  Nitrous oxide emissions may increase in some instances.

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