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How to build waste tyre to oil machine?

Date:2014-10-30 17:33:35 / Pyrolysis machine FAQ

How to build waste tyre to oil machine?

Demo waste tyre to oil machine in our factory

Preparation of raw material:
The raw material can be waste tire, tyre, plastic or scrap rubber. All if the above wastes can be processed by our machine. The following are details:

Separate the ingredient which cannot be refined from waste plastic, such as: soil, wood, stone, brick etc. If the raw materials are paper mill’s waste, separate the pulp. If there is water in raw material, should dry it firstly. Methods as follows:
1. Dry in the sun: if you have enough area, you could dry the material in the sun. You should often stir it.
2. Squeeze water from material using a large power extruder.
3. Dry the material using a spin-drier.
Note: we can pyrolysis the wet raw material, but need much more time to pyrolysis.
If the raw material is waste tire and its diameter is over 1.4 meter, should cut the inner ring firstly.

All-round service:
In accordance with the contract for the convenience of our customers, we design the WTE pyrolysis facility, supply the required equipment, supervise erection and commissioning, and perform personnel training.

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