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The disposal of waste tyres/scrap tyres

With the high-speed development of car industry today, waste tyres have became the greatest source of the solid waste, caused serious environmental  problem, the disposal has attracted worldwide attention. Scrap tyre recycling machine,tyre change oil machine. A member of national renewable resources  industry technology innovation strategy alliance expert said high value research project results on the ongoing waste tyres of pyrolysis products he has  studied show that after the appropriate the hydrode sulfurization treatment, from waste tires the pyrolysis products-oil can achieve the requirement of  the specifications ascity pyrolysis fuel to use of another pyrolysis products activated carbon blackwith pyrolysis, can produce the high adsorption performance of active carbonand commercial carbon black, the most development prospects and a broad sales market we will see.
Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is one of the highest and the newest technology enterprises which specialized in manufacturing waste plastic/tyre/rubber pyrolysis machines and deep processing carbon black.

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