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The main harm of "white pollution " should be put into perspective

The main harm of the "white pollution ", is "visual pollution",and "potential harm":

1,"Visualpollution." In the city, tourist area, water zone and the side road scatteredwaste plastic packaging bring undesirable stimulation to people, affectintegral aesthetic feeling of the city, scenic spots, destruct city'sappearance, landscape, which caused "visual pollution."

2,"Potentialharm". Waste plastic packaging materials are discarded on the environment,due to its hard to degrade, cause long-term and profound ecological andenvironmental problems. First of all, waste plastic packaging mixed with soil,affect crop nutrient and moisture absorption, will lead to a reduction in grainyield Secondly, waste plastic packaging abandoned on land or water, will beswallowed by animals as food, so as to animals die (in the zoo, pastoral areasand in the sea, so it has common occurance) Thirdly, the waste plasticpackaging mixed into garbage are difficult to handle: thus landfill will occupyland long, and not apply to compost processing, and waste plastics sorted outalso cannot assure quality and be difficult to recycle.

Atpresent, the main reflect is "visual pollution" to people, and mostpeople still lack of knowledge about waste plastic packaging long-term, deep"potential harm".

Thedisposal about waste plastic, scrap plastic is very important for us to find.

Theproducts ,manufactured by Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd, scrap tyre recycling machine, waste plastic recycling machine, scrap plastic to oil pyrolysis  machine, waste plastic pyrolysis fuel oil machine can help us to solve the waste plastic including “white pollution” & ”black pollution”.

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