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What is the guarantee of Doing pyrolysis machine?

100% safety guarantee of Doing pyrolysis machine:

We know that the waste tyre pyrolysis machine industry emerged in recent years with high profit and high risk. When the oil gas, oxygen and high temperature mixed together, there will be a disastrous explosion. So comprehensive safety device is the guarantee for normal operation of the enterprise. Technology is the key point. Doing company is engaged in used old tyre to oil pyrolysis machine for many years and mastered mature technology. All of our equipment have pressure gauges, alarms, safety valves, and also specialist anti-blocking device to guarantee personal safety.
Henan Doing company waste tyre pyrolysis machine has an oil-water separator and an anti-blow back device which contains water in it. They will stop the oil gas blowing back to the reactor. Because the oil gas passes through water and comes out as bubbles, so it will never blow back. Another advantages is that our machine can discharge carbon black and slagging automatically. There is a Slag discharge pool alongside the reactor, and the cover has water all around the edge. This pool connects with the furnace, so the oxygen inside it will be consumed and thus create a vacuum. It is impossible for the oxygen to go through the vacuum. Doing reactor was manufactured to meet the exacting standards of pressure vessels. The materials of the our reactor are Q245R boiler steel, these materials can bear high temperature with best resistance to prolong the service life.

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