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DOING Pyrolysis plant project

Untill now, our pyrolysis plant has exported more than 200 sets machines and 30 countries. Such as Iran, Poland, Italy, Romania, Macedonia,Mexico, Haiti, Jamaica , Nigeria, etc. Below is some customer pyrolysis plant project for your reference:

1. Italy- customer bought 1 set tire pyrolysis plant to disposal of waste tire.
2. Lebanon- Bought 1 set tyre pyrolysis machine, now the machine is during installation guide by our engineer.
3. Albania- Customer bought us 3 sets tyre recycling pyrolysis plant to disposal waste tyre, first visit time is in 2011 ( bought 2 sets). Second visit time is in 2012( bought 1 sets). Now is running very well.
4. Mexico- This customer bought us 10sets waste tyre recycling machine, Mexico has many free waste tyres.It is suitable to setup this pyrolysis project there.
5. Egypt- The machine is just finished installation, now the machine is begain to production.

6. Mexico-This mexico customer bought us 6 sets machine,his raw material is also waste tyres. Now, he want to buy another 2 sets machine from us.

Pyrolysis plant Project

This pyrolysis plant project is not only can disposal waste tyres, but also can process waste plastic and rubber. If your place has waste tyres, plastic, you will be suitable to install such project. We will be always your invest expert on waste pyrolysis to oil project. Welcome your inquiry. Thanks.

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If you wanna to get more details about DOING Pyrolysis plant project or the cost of related pyrolysis machine , you can send E-mail to market@doinggroup.com. You can consult our professional engineer and specialized sales team with leave a message in below form.We will contact with you ASAP.You also can visit our factory in Henan,China.Get Detailed address.