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Distillation of tyre pyrolysis oil line

Application of Distillation of tyre pyrolysis oil line:
Series DOING Distillation of tyre pyrolysis oil line is mainly for regenerating the waste engine oil, waste motor oil, black oil, tire oil, plastic oil,crude oil to clean diesel oil.this equipment can effective separate water, gas, particles, deeply oxides, free carbon, colloid, asphalt and wax from oil, making black engine oil become transparent golden color. This equipment has the functions of dewatering, degassing, decolor. Improving the engine oil’s properties, restoring the oil’s performance and lowering wear to ensure the engine can work normally and safely, prolonging the engine and engine oil lifetime.

Distillation of tyre pyrolysis oil line


1. The Distillation of tyre pyrolysis oil line is adopt indirect heating to lengthen the life span of reactor,save energy, keep Eco-environmental, Gurantee high oil quality.
2. Distillation system is running with vacuum system,improve efficiency,promote the oil quality and oil rate.
3. There are 3 steps to purify the crude oil to diesel. the Diesel is suitble to diesel generator, tractor and truck.

Diesel oil application

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