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Waste oil purification industry

Waste oil purification industry

DOING insists on the management concept of " honesty,responsibility,innovation,development". the enterprise mission of pushing related industry"energy saving,high efficiency,rapid development". the enterprise development vision of " do our best to create the first brand in world pyrolysis industry". the enterprise development road of technology innovation.pushing brand development from enterprise culture building. so that to improve DOING to be the  national and worldwide brand.

The system can romove the particle mechanical impurities and suspension impurities in the waste oil and pollution oil, and after distillation, the oil color can reach 95% of the waste oil, which makes the waste and polluting oil improve a trade. At the same time, there are serveral indexeds of the distilled oil reach the country oil quality technology standard. which ensure the oil qulity viscosity. improve oil qulity flashing point and reduce water soluble acid and base content of oil quality, The waste and polluting oil can be purified for serveral times, realizing the recycle of waste oil and polluting oi.

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