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  • 10T waste tyre pyrolysis plant installed in Georgia
  • Waste tire pyrolysis oil process plant installed in Mexico and reported by local news
  • Waste plastic pyrolysis plant project in Bangladesh

Tire to oil pyrolysis machine

Date:2014-08-28 16:17:37 / Pyrolysis Plant Tire to oil pyrolysis machine is also called waste tire pyrolysis machine, it is the thermal degradation of waste tires in the absence of air to produce pyrolysis oil, carbon black and synthetic gas or syn-gas. DOING company is a professional and modern manufacturer which specialized in waste tyres/plastics/oil recycling machine for many years.

Waste tire to oil pyrolysis machine

DOING company have installed highly sophisticated and advanced Tire to oil pyrolysis machine which uses Pyrolysis technology in many countries. This plant uses 100% waste tyre for pyrolysis. The complete process is eco-friendly, as it does not use chemical ingredients. Further, the process is free from any form of pollution. The plant helps in producing economical products and also solves tyre wastage problem. Furthermore, it saves from various diseases, which are likely to be spread from tyre waste. This is the most cost-effective tire to oil pyrolysis technology in the world and can be applied to all rubber based material. The products extracted from this system are by-products of tyre production and can be widely used as alternative source of energy for petroleum products and natural gas.

tire oil application
Tire oil application

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