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Rubber to oil pyrolysis machine

Date:2014-08-28 16:10:39 / Pyrolysis Plant

If you are Green hand in waste recycling field, you may feel perplexed about how to set up a big rubber or tyre recycling pyrolsis project. How many labors to handle the machine? How much land you need to prepare? How long you can gain profits? How to get government permission? How about the environmental protection problem? So many uncertain factors trouble you. Dont’ worry, we can help you, this following passage will erase your doubts to build a successful career for you.

Waste rubber to oil recycling machine

1. How much is the production line area you need?
Installation of the production line, adding the Office, the area for workers’ resting, area needed for storage of tyre/plastic/rubber& by-product, the whole area is about 2000s.q.m. The largest machine will not exceeding 300㎡ land, you can also calculate it on actual condition.
2.Is that ok to mix tyre and plastic?
On safety concern, we advise you better to feed them separately.
3.What can we do about the by product?
Carbon Black, add it to coal as fuel or refined as fuel in steel factory or other factory. It can also be processed into carbon black pellet.
Steel can be directly sold, it is 400RMB/T in China.

4.What is the suitable fuel to start up the reactor and how long before changing to the waste gas fuel?
Gas, oil, coal, wood, all is ok.After heating 2-3hours, the oil will come out, just use the waste gasis fine.

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