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What is pyrolysis process end product yeild?

End product Yield of pyrolysis process:

a> Pyrolysis oil (Fuel oil)
  • The essential product of tyre pyrolysis process is pyrolysis oil referred as fuel oil(40 to 45 % of total quantity feed) which is used as a fuel component for heating oil’s and as a component in vessel fuels.

  • Purest quality of pyrolysis oil comparable to industrial diesel: selling price comparable to industrial diesel LDO( light diesel oil)

b> Carbon Black
  • The vital product of pyrolysis plant is carbon black referred as "charcoal"(30 to 35% of total quantity feed ).carbon black has Industrial and commercial use.

c> Steel wire
  • For instance whole tyres contain fibers and steel. Shredded tyres have most of the steel and sometimes most of the fiber removed.

  • The steel wire(15 to 20%) can be removed from the carbon black with magnets for recycling after pyrolysis process & sold to the steel dealer

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