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  • 10T waste tyre pyrolysis plant installed in Georgia
  • Waste tire pyrolysis oil process plant installed in Mexico and reported by local news
  • Waste plastic pyrolysis plant project in Bangladesh

How about the product and raw material market?

Date:2014-08-09 15:10:13 / Pyrolysis machine FAQ

Since along with world economics progressing by leaps and bounds, the petroleum scarce tendency has grown day by day, enters for the 90''s, the energy has become the primary factor that restricts various countries economy development. With the rapid development of Market Economic, vehicle and machine become more and more popular, the requirement of oil market unceasing grows,as the research speaking, the petroleum on global land will be exhausted within 15 years. Seeking the new energy has become the various countries’ matter of concern. Doing tyres pyrolysis plant can do well in recycling waste to oil, carbon black, gas, thereby, help us make a green society. So pyrolysis plant industry has good prospects.  Let Doing assist you in achieving your goal.

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