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The first United Nations conference on environment opening in Kenya

Date:2014-08-06 16:48:44 / Industry Trends

June 23th,the first United Nations conference on environment opening in Nairobi (capital of Kenya) more than 1,200 representatives from governments , business and civil society will discuss issues of sustainable development , wildlife protection, green economy financing.  

This meeting will continue on June 23 to 27 , with the theme of "sustainable development goals and in 2015 after the development agenda, including sustainable consumption and production " , aims to discuss and determine a set of goals and targets to promote the United Nations Millennium successful implementation of the development goals . Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection executives will attend the conference.

Reported that the United Nations Environment Programme headquarters in Nairobi . According to AFP, the message sent from Nairobi , Somali religious militant group " Islamic Youth Movement" ( also known as the Youth Party ) in Kenya continues to create panic , continue to suffer terrorist attacks in Kenya this is not suitable for holding the meeting , but the United Nations Environment Programme did not change the previous arrangements.
UNEP Executive Director Steiner said that for 40 years the environmental issues and challenges of peace, security , finance, health ,trade and other efforts to put an equal footing , the conference was a milestone. He noted that all UN member states were represented at the United Nations Conference on the Environment , which is the expression for the first time , which means a stronger and more comprehensive views of legitimacy in history , and environment ministers have greater power.

During the conference, a high -level meeting of ministers and leaders of international organizations participating will focus on sustainable development goals and two illegal wildlife trade . Conference will be held legal and financial aspects of the workshop were to discuss the role of the rule of law and financial environment in the green economy.

It is reported that the Minister of Mongolia natural environment and green development department Sangzhasulun • Owen was elected Chairman of the Conference , Belgium, Romania, Uganda and other countries were elected as Vice-President of the General Assembly .

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