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Sydney building new measures to recycle waste to keep city clean

Date:2014-08-06 16:16:16 / Industry Trends

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Sydney building new measures to recycle waste

Sydney government annouced that, Sydney will provide beverage padkaging recycling machine installed in the streets of Sydney, and will give citizens encourage who recycling waste bottles independently, which to promote  a clean city .

According to statistics, there are 15,000 across Australia beverage bottles , cans because there is no effective recycling are discarded every minute , and transported dumped in landfill. Total waste garbage NSW Sydney where , only accounted for one-third of the beverage packaging waste . Sydney Mayor Moya said that only 42% average annual recoveries NSW beverage packaging , the municipal government is to increase this indicator in different ways . The new recycling machine can effectively guide people out of a recycled beverage bottles and cans are environmentally friendly way.
The mayor said the move to be effective in pollution abatement , more conducive to the protection of wildlife and the environment. We will continue our efforts to make recyclable waste away from landfill, also called on the state and federal governments pay more attention to the environmental initiatives , and make the appropriate changes.

Environmental organization " Clean Up Australia ," the founder and main Xikeernan committed to reducing waste pollution , and actively carry out the recovery work . He said that we need to more effectively recycle discarded beverage packaging, turning waste into treasure , while beverage packaging recycling machine is now one of the most effective solution. Sydney city very much appreciated by promoting new technologies, encourage the public and tourists recycling waste,to improve environmental awareness .

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