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Restaurant waste treatment technology seminar held in Beijing

Date:2014-08-06 14:53:01 / Industry Trends

July 31, 2014, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development Science and Technology Promotion Center organized a seminar on restaurant waste treatment technology, the meeting of municipal solid waste disposal interpretation of the relevant documents, and local laws and regulations, discusses the localization of the meal impact on the construction of drainage and urban sewage pipe network technology and the application of restaurant waste, food waste processor , food waste processor while meeting invited representatives shared their experiences with the user , the local housing and Urban Construction industry department , city sanitation department , food waste treatment -related enterprises, research institutes, real estate , experts institutions , academics , technical staff attended the meeting.

First, solve the " junk Fortress Besieged"

At present, the rapid growth of municipal solid waste , landfill rubbish many cities already in the saturated state , "junk Fortress Besieged" is becoming more prominent , coupled with continuing to promote the future of urbanization , the urban population will increase further waste generated will be more and more how to deal with municipal waste is a huge challenge for us .

Second, the crack "junk Fortress Besieged" , the key to properly handle the residential restaurant waste

Residential kitchen waste ( including household food waste and kitchen waste ) is a major part of daily garbage . Because perishable food waste , resulting in landfill mosquito breeding , the stench was unbearable, and the pollution of air and water caused it difficult to control , contain organic ingredients on pollution and public health and safety hazards of the environment is increasingly apparent. Food waste has become a major obstacle to recycling household waste and classification of resources . Handle residential kitchen waste is the key to the entire garbage disposal system.

Third, food waste disposers : residential restaurant waste reduction

Restaurant food waste treatment and disposal of food waste disposers key equipment , also known as restaurant waste disposal machine , installed in a restaurant sink drain at home , can easily turnips vegetables tail, restaurant leftovers , etc. Waste crushed into fine particles and even syrupy liquid discharged from septic tanks and municipal sewage system water pipes, sewage treatment plant biochemical processes become nourishment for the family kitchen waste scientifically processed appliances. Eliminate junk food in the kitchen , to achieve reduction from the source.
Use of food waste disposers are also a significant reduction in the waste collection and transportation costs , significantly reducing the amount of waste incineration and costs. In addition, the use of food waste disposers are also essential to prevent the leachate generation and processing costs ; achieve separation of wet and dry garbage for garbage classification and recycling clean create the conditions ; improving the kitchen and living quarters of the environment ; increase content of organic wastewater , sewage treatment plant in favor of biochemical processes ; reduce pollution of recyclable garbage, waste , improve resource recovery , landfill and incineration plants to improve processing conditions, reduce leachate, methane , flue gas emissions and other pollutants.
Fourth, the meeting recommended that public attention , " food waste disposers " campaign                         The meeting recommended the development of food waste disposers promotion programs, research related to policy advice and management measures , to carry out a pilot demonstration project , organize promotion. In the new residential buildings and residential comprehensively promote food waste disposers . Recommended green ecological city, green building certification , national garden cities, urban Habitat Award , countries participating in the investment community to enforce the use of residential food waste disposers . Planned, step by step , the first pilot , the promotion of approach can be considered in our south, north, east and west regions of each province for the election of a pilot to gain experience and then gradually to the whole country .
Gradually with the current existing residential energy-saving buildings combine to promote food waste disposers , food waste disposal machine will be installed as one of the existing building energy-saving content. Further to the continuous improvement of products, improvements and upgrades , to complete the series of various types of products to meet all kinds of people on food waste disposal machine requirements, establish industry alliance , to ensure product quality.

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