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Does DOING pyrolysis machine have pollution to the environment?

Our pyrolysis machine have no pollution to  environment. You may ask pyrolysis system process oil gas to oil liquid, how about the tail gas? Where is it going? Does it have a bad effect on environment?Does the pyrolysis machine make a noise? How about the water?...Here let me tell you briefly.

1.Gas. From DOING pyrolysis machine, there are 2 kinds of gas, one is  from feeding material, like coal, wood etc, this gas will go through the dedusting system, gas after dedusting system of pyrolysis is very clean, almost like steam. We have the SGS report for this part gas, it can reach international standards. Another part gas is uncondensible oil gas, this part gas we will recycle to furnace for heating pyrolysis reactor as energy. So gas no pollution.

2.Water. Like gas, water also have 2 parts in pyrolysis machine . One part is for cooling down oil gas, this part water is  pumped through the pipe, oil and water are always indirect contact. The water in the circulating system is always clean. Another part water is concluded in dedusting system, water film dust removal system use high-pressure hydraulic pump to press water into high pressure nozzle which atomize the water to clean the smoke from furnace, this part water is also circulating. So water no pollution.

3.Noise. The main noise from pyrolysis machine is draft fan, noise is <50db. So no noise pollution.

4.Smell. If you burn waste tire directly will cause bad smell and make pollution to the environment., but DOING pyrolysis machine is totally sealed, no bad smell come out. So no smell pollution.

Pyrolysis machine is no pollution and it can help you solve your countries’ waste tire pollution problems. Over than million tons of waste tires and plastic were disposed by our machines yearly.

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