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China will deepen international cooperation in the plastic recycling industry

Date:2014-07-25 18:23:26 / Industry Trends Recently learned from the China Association of waste plastics , waste plastics China has officially become a member of the International Association of Recycling Organization (Bureau of International Recycling, referred to as BIR) is . Secretary-General of China Association of Plastic Waste Mr.Wang said that China scrap cooperation with the International Association of Plastics Recycling Organization for Chinese waste plastics recycling industry to build an interactive platform to communicate with international counterparts , the industry will further standardize the market, credit management, play a positive role in promoting healthy development .

Mr.Wang said that China 's waste plastics recycling industry is currently in an important transition period of development. As an important part of resource recycling , waste plastic recycling highly regarded countries , the development of waste plastics industry is gradually to specialization, the scale of the new recycling and processing system transition from spontaneous and disorderly state. By strengthening cooperation with international organizations , domestic enterprises can learn more about new trends internationally , to learn advanced waste separation, recycling technology and business management experience , technology and innovation to promote the development of the industry , the formation of low-carbon environment , resources cycle , the development of sustainable production methods.

The person in charge of international recycling organizations also said China regeneration of waste plastics recycling industry is developing rapidly and influence in the international arena has become increasingly evident . He hopes to join the Association of Chinese plastic waste can promote the development of BIR Plastics Committee, while attracting the world's other waste plastics associations and enterprises to join in, together, the global waste plastics recycling industry as a truly environmentally friendly and sustainable development industries.
Mr.Wang also pointed out that since February 1 this year , the National Customs carried out for a period of 10 months " hedge " special action aimed at combating "foreign garbage" smuggling . In such a situation, to strengthen cooperation and exchanges with international organizations , so that Chinese enterprises to go , please come to foreign enterprises , strengthen communication with each other , enhance mutual trust, to regulate the industry development , enhance the anti- risk ability of enterprises will have a positive effect.  
"Next , we will work with the American Association of waste plastics to explore possibilities for cooperation , cooperation will be the strategic objectives of waste plastics associations for a long period of time ." Wang Wang said .

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