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The new plastic recycling technology will debut in Dusseldorf

On the 2013 Dusseldorf International Plastics and Rubber Exhibition , EREMA will "COUNTDOWN TO THE NEW DIMENSION" exhibition, announced in plastic recycling into a new milestone in the field of engineering , and demonstrate a new core technology.

EREMA Founded in 1983 , it launched the first generation system also made a major technological breakthrough . EREMA first time the cutting / compactor and then still more advanced extruder together, in order to achieve the completion of the plastic waste in the cutting step continuous process , compaction and extrusion. In 1993, the company launched the second generation of the device , once again pushing the tremendous progress in the industry. Because now extruder located tangent position of the cutting / compactors , so you can dramatically improve the quality of the final product , while significantly increased the yield and device performance .

In addition , EREMA also for patent assistive technology for special applications , such as the Double Disc and Air Flush Module, and constantly improve the quality of the materials , but also broadens the range of processing systems.
Later , EREMA plastics recycling companies continue to develop new technologies , and the development of innovative products , such as direct contact with food VACUREMA PET recycling system ; for TVEplus severe Printing / contaminated plastic waste ; for bulk materials ( such as fiber bags, rope , auto parts ) of COAX; COREMA, for special recycled materials , will a proven combination of recycling and compounding technology as a whole .

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